Thursday, October 03, 2013

Terracing and cairns (back in Fitchburg, near Richardson Rd)

Just a note that I saw some faint terracing on the east face of the hill east of Richardson Rd.
It all looked somewhat trashed out and "farm"-y but after ignoring the terracing for a while I came across some smeared out rock piles I found harder to ignore.

Since I wrote about it here (about a Bush Hill Rd site next to a brook) I have wanting to mention the similarity of those piles with these - "triangular, or rectangular, with one white rock".

This was all within the larger blue outline on the map fragment. I found the faintest of traces of larger mounds with hollows down along the brook - about where the smaller blue outline is on the map.


Tim MacSweeney said...

What do you mean by "terracing?"

pwax said...

I mean a staircase effect as you climb the hill but each "stair" is a separate horizontal "terrace" of soil. In this case it was too indistinct to photo but sometimes you can see horizontal stripes across the slope.