Saturday, July 05, 2014

Headwaters at New Pond Farm

A last mention of my visit to an old friend in W. Redding CT along the Saugatuck River [I am from two rivers east of here, the Naugatuck River]. We took a walk in woods near "New Pond Farm":
Going up a "red" trail, the upper part of a gully was to our left and I kept pulling in that direction wanting to see what was at the highest point of the water. There, guarding the upper reaches, was one rectangular old rock pile (Valerie Thomas in the foreground):

But there was still a bit more valley to follow uphill, so when we found a trail in that direction I was anxious to go have a look. Here was the highest point of the water:

A big old platform mound.
It is fair to say these locations are a bit predictable.

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