Tuesday, August 26, 2014

From Teig Tyrson writing in Bucksport ME:
 I went in to the remote area plateau overlooking the freshwater pond thought to be the retreat area of a stronghold.  The goal was to find the stonewall that contained artifacts.  The directions were more then sketchy with no starting point or some confusion on which road it was actually on.  Big surprise I staggered around for 4 hours in dense underbrush ledge and raspberry bushes. 
Long story short, I came across an area that looked like it could go either way as a natural glacier propped rock or it might be something more. 
Thought I'd run it by you, see what you thought.  There is a square looking odd shape towards the top that had carved looking aspects to it.  

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I am interested in contacting Teig Tyrson. Patrick 207 837 9292