Monday, August 18, 2014

More stonework around Echo Lake

From Matthew Howes:

I went back to Echo Lake.  Here is what I saw-

  More Standing Stone Marker(s) (pics included,) more Propped Boulders, a Stone Enclosure, a Drum Stone (Rocking Stone) that is pretty identical to the one found at the Fairbanks Conservation Land in Holliston, 3 petro-forms, one directly outside of the Chamber/Shrine I stumbled upon; and another one of the petro-forms looks like it represents a fish (eye socket, mouth marked out on stone), and did I say Chamber, yes, another Chamber found right around this area!!  Pictures can only go so far, though, they never tell the whole story...

 This place is not easy to access though (i.e. hike through, which might actually be a good thing) and is a huge area, but the effort is worth it.  I would have liked to of explained each picture as you scroll through it, but the e-mail only lets me insert the pics, not copy and paste them for some reason. 

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Anonymous said...

Very good find.

Google Earth shows many stone rows around Echo Lake, some run into it.