Sunday, April 12, 2015

First finds in 2015

     After nearly 10 years of working at the same place, I lost my job last month. The timing could not have been better for me as the snow has melted and I can spend a lot of time out searching for artifacts. I have spent very many hours in recent weeks looking for stone tools but I have very little to show for it, unfortunately.
     At the end of March I drove south to look in the first places to be free from the incredible snow accumulations of the winter. I did find some broken fragments of quartz arrowheads, but really nothing at all worth showing. When this month began, I visited a spot I know along with my friend Fanny. I walked away with a handful of broken fragments. Some frustrating pieces here, among them a couple of well-made triangular arrowheads, sadly quite damaged. 
      Of course Fanny found a nice one while exploring a place where the melting snow had washed off a pile of arrowhead-sized rocks. When will I ever learn not to take friends with me when I go out? I have yet to find a whole arrowhead in this place.
     My friend Dave and I have been exploring some new places but so far, none have yielded any finds. He has found stuff in some short walks in other places we know, though. That nice quartz point below is from a tiny sandy patch Dave found near a lake. He and I have searched it together 4 times and he has found something 3 of those times. I have never found anything there. I feel like there is nothing there for me to find, Dave on the other hand is going to have a nice collection from that site. I have nightmares about things like this.
     Ultimately I shouldn't be so jealous about finds of quartz triangular and small-stemmed arrowheads as I do have many of these. It would be nice for me to find a whole arrowhead, though. It has been a while.
     On Thursday I found another pair of broken quartz triangles, in a different place.
     I am amassing a large assemblage of broken quartz Squibnocket Triangles. I need to find some new sites where I have a chance of finding something else. Tomorrow I will try again. I have 10 new places I want to check. I can look forward to lots of knocking on doors and awkward conversations with landowners. I hope it will not be for nothing.

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pwax said...

Good luck! I am sure you will make some great finds this year.