Monday, April 06, 2015

Highland Street - Holliston

A minor site at any other time, gives me a sense of relief from a long winter. 
Stepped down into the woods off Highland Street, 1/2 mile north of the Holliston Town Forest sign, and followed a ridge downhill, as it had less snow. There was a rock pile next to a boulder:

And several more decrepit things lower down by the brook:
A wall follows the brook uphill and ends about at the same place these decrepit piles appear (far end of this picture:)
Crossing the brook, there were some faint traces on the other side:
(Note the drill holes in the propped slab of granite.) And down slope from this:
(Note the two larger rocks in line with the opening at the back of this pile.) 
Here is a view back towards the propped slab. I think it is not in line with the two rocks and pile of the previous picture:
So it is very nice to start seeing rock pile sites again. I was only up for a short walk and most places still have enough snow to be slightly tiring. And that was about it. A few isolated rock-on-rock examples. Still a gray gloomy time of year.

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