Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A visit to Upton State Forest

Judging from the terrain, 'A' was an old orchard. I found a line of rock-on-rock there, parallel with the topo line.
At 'W' was an old well [I know the State Forest people are interested in these locations]:
At 'B' was a hole that perhaps I mistook for a bulldozer test pit. Nearby was what looked like a genuinely old rock pile:
Here is the hole that may have confused me:
What made me re-think the whole thing was this, a few feet downhill:

And a decrepit, short stretch of stone wall:
Update: I am going to post another site soon that also has a short stretch of wall with a combination of rock pile types. I am starting to "get it" that a typical site always has a calendrical component, while being specific in its particulars. So short stretches of wall are very characteristic, almost by default. Whether it be burial-, astronomical-, or spirit quest- related, in all cases it will be a bit astronomical. The exceptions would be: when it is an individual ceremony- near an energy source or as a donation. 

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Unknown said...

These sites are almost exactly on the watershed boundary between the Blackstone and the Merrimack drainages! (especially site B)