Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some John Martin Photos (PA)

     Thinking about posting here some of the incredible images from Pennsylvania I've been looking at for a few days now, I keep asking myself, "Where to begin with all these amazing photos I've been seeing from John Martin?"
     Well, how about this one:
  A stone wall?? I hear you thinking that, wondering what is so incredible and amazing about that, but here's a capture of how I first saw the photo on a Face Book (of all places!) post:

John writes, "The Lenape Quarry:"
A view of the quarry taken from Interstate Route 476 which slices right through the site: 
 Other interesting photos from John:

Above: a tall "musical" wall - the sound of trickling water can be heard standing by it...

Above, a possible Serpent-like Head on the left, cobble stone body in center, emanating from a split in the triangular boulder on the right. Below, another view, the split slightly obscured by the tree:

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