Tuesday, December 29, 2015

....Blood Hill

Continuing from here. This central valley at Blood Hill has several other structures besides the massive "J" at the top of the ravine. I stumbled on a new pocket of double-chambered mounds about 50 yards downhill from the road the climbs the hill and, at that point, passes a number of "foundations".
These double chambered mounds were in the bushes and hard to photo. This was below near the ravine bottom.
You can barely make out the double chambering:
Or something like this:
These used bits of quartz, as in the piles seen on the way up to here.


Curtiss Hoffman said...

Peter -
What do you mean by "double-chambering"? I don't see chambers here, at least not in the classic sense of, say, the Upton Beehive. Are these just areas enclosed by stones?

pwax said...

I mean two hollows, next to each other. Sorry I cannot put my hands on decent photos. For example: http://rockpiles.blogspot.com/2010/11/double-chambered-mound.html

Here is a perfect example. Look at the last picture:

Not such good pictures (2nd from end is clearest)

pwax said...

Also, here: