Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Signposts? Possible deliberate marking of the lower end of a pathway - from water up to burials

Working on the idea of a pathway up the hill from the water, it might make sense that the lower part of the pathway was marked in some way to indicate what was uphill from this spot. The idea of a "signpost", at the lower end of such a pathway, comes from a link Norman sent recently (click here) about finding water in the desert.
I found a burial mound in the saddle between summits at Jewell Hill. I guess I have been there before but, this time, I followed the path of least resistance back downhill to the north and found a beautiful pile at the lower end, with multiple pieces of quartz and a place where the quartz in the wall seemed to point the way up hill:
Here is a view of the nice pile from below:
 Here are some closeups:

This all suggests these features mark the lower end of the pathway, like signposts, like the petroglyphs of Norman's link.
And here is a video, trying to put things in perspective:

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