Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rock Pile Stock Piles

One stone mason's opinion on making rock piles as stock piles:
      “To hear stonemason Nick O'Hara talk about building fieldstone walls, you'd think he was an art preservationist, not a contractor. When he receives sales calls from Massachusetts farmers who've disassembled their centuries-old stone walls and piled them up to be sold, O'Hara scoffs.
       "I tell [them], `I have no interest in that stone, thank you. You've already destroyed it,' “says O'Hara, explaining that piling up stones can break them apart -- and damage the precious lichen that his customers covet. "It's very much a sinful thing to do," he adds. Instead, O'Hara requires handpicked stones that are carefully laid in beds of mulch in the back of dump trucks…”

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