Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Stony Lady (Morris CT)

A newspaper story from 1991 and a “Chronicle” from an 1859 Litchfield History:
    I had just started seriously looking into the idea of "Indian-made Stonework," mostly by questioning what had been written about zigzag stone walls since my observations of the ones in my yard and near what a local history of my town inferred was a Contact Village site differed so much, when the above story appeared in two local newspapers. Sometime during the previous year, I had read the Litchfield history below (and Manitou by Mavor and Dix as well) and took it upon myself to go back to the library and copy a couple pages for Mr. Towne of an old newspaper article about a seemingly similar "statue" found back in 1834 on the other side of Bantam Lake from his farm:

 Above: the "Stone Image" excerpt; below: the whole of what I copied that includes a bigoted "demonized" view of a young Pootatuck girl's passage into womanhood as a "human sacrifice:"

(Peter, Norman and I once took a look at the "Lady" one day in 1998.)


Norman said...

There was an article about a half dozen Indian carved stone heads found in farmer's fields that appeared in a NEARA Journal about five or so years back. Also, I don't recall seeing the "Stone Lady," but then again there is a lot I don't remember these days.

Matt Howes said...

There is a stone idol sort of similar to this (but different) in the hills of Milford, MA. that I never got around to photographing. It is at least 4- 4 and a half ft. tall. It is more of a ginger-bread man/ woman shape without arms and legs (very much like a smaller charm stone I noticed nearby). In it's current state the large stone idol lies flat on the ground but it is easy for me to tell the features- where the head is, and also that the base is wide enough to support the weight of the stone standing up.

Unknown said...

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Tim MacSweeney said...

I think we just kind of stood around it for a few minutes - after driving quite a distance to see it. If it were this past November, I'd have taken you to some more interesting things within a mile of there, such as that interestingly stacked undulating Serpent stone wall with all the quartz I was just posting about, that "Stone Wall Segment" here:

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