Sunday, February 28, 2016

Looking at the details.

Sunday morning with nothing to do (not going out walking due to flu) I was clicking on the photos in the previous post to have another look. By 'clicking' I mean using the right mouse button and selecting 'open in a new tab'. That takes you to a higher resolution image and the cursor indicates that a left click will magnify even more. So I do that and get as good a view as possible.
When you do this, you may see things you missed in rush of hiking and photoing and "on to the next place" attitude. With the first picture of the last post there are two details worth noticing that I only noticed this morning: a light colored rock at the center of the near pile and a displaced rock on the rear pile. Imagining the displaced rock back where it belongs you can see the pile was sort of niche. The flat "arm rest" stands out and the direction of opening is towards the first pile.
I didn't see any of that until I took the time to look.

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Again, I know just what you mean. Even when you think you're taking your time sometimes, it's easy to miss something while concentrating on something else. I lifted some advice from a mid-west effigy mounds preservation group, from a video taped conference. The speaker was talking about preservation strategies, recommended thinking and re-thinking many times before taking any action - and choosing to use your mound photos as your screen-saver. He said that sometimes seeing these images go randomly by will reveal things you didn't notice before...