Monday, October 03, 2016

A perched rock, like a turtle carapace- Estabrook Woods, Concord

Norman will remember this rock. Let's also remember Steve Ells who was with us that day. We all knew the rock before we knew each other.
Please note the smaller rocks holding up the "carapace".

Let me mention some location information: In Estabrook  Woods, the main north-south road up to the Estabrook cellar holes passes what is called "Mink Pond" on the right. Somewhere a bit north of that on the road, a side trail splits off to the west and takes you over to the Boaz Brown cellar holes and then Hugh Cargill Rd. I think there is more than one side trail and you want the southern of the two. That side trail is in the background of the above photo. You can almost see where the wall lets the trail through But here, just across that trail, is a long rock pile, I have seen in the past: 
(From the end)
(From below)
Here is what is important to remember (aside from the glories of the Boaz Brown site, which I will get to in due course): behind that long pile, to the left, is a slope that rises to a lookout place over aforementioned "Mink Pond" and the location of Concord's main chambered burial mounds. So find the "Turtle" and you'll find some of the most interesting larger rock piles of the town. In fact, off in that direction towards Dakin's Brook are more separate clusters of rock piles than anywhere else in the woods.

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