Monday, October 24, 2016

"Petroglyphys" from Pinnacle Mountain

Reader Gene sends:

In the last 15 yrs we have locate 15 or sites in SW North Carolina and NW South Carolina that contain only pecked circles. In one case, over 600 of them! In all, we have located app 2500 carved circles in SC and 300+ in NC.

All sites carved in granitic gneiss, and all except two, above 2000 ft elevation. They closely resemble Pecked Curvilinear Nucleated glyph's as described by Gillette in her PhD thesis in CA; none of ours exhibit the prominent dome in the center of the circle. 

All the circles are not truly "circles". I'm trying to re educate our people to use the term in Goodlett's dissertation : pecked curvilinear nucleated. Ok, circles is easier! We believe the intent of the carver was to carve circles, but have u ever tried to carve granitic gneiss with a rock? 

In the 2500+ motif's we've looked at, there was one "possible" square and one suspect triangle.


pwax said...

Looks random and I think it is geology not man. Just like Yawgoog.

Such "petroglyphs" are always "circular"; always formed in all the incomplete forms we see here; and invariably they continue on the underside and inner surfaces of the rock. One always sees differential weathering, suggesting these random circles are at every depth in the rock.

Reminds me of the Costa Rican spheres.

Norman said...

I agree. I've also asked Loubser for his opinion.