Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Rock Piles" 11th birthday

Almost forgot. January 15 2006 was the first post. Got 368 visitors yesterday.


Tim MacSweeney said...

Well, Happy Birthday (or Anniversary?) Rock Piles.
I'll bet your total views is an impressive number as well.

pwax said...

Well Tim, your posts bring in more visitors than mine. The bobcat story was a big hit.

Jeff in RI said...

A day late and a $ short but Happy EveryDay for this GREAT Blog!!

Norman said...

I'll add my congratulations, too. An impressive number of years.


pwax said...

I'll tell you one thing I accomplished: Google search "relevance".

Google gets its own ideas baked into its own definition of
"relevance" and 11 years of Rock Piles blogging has convinced Google THIS is the source for information about such things. No conventional wisdom academic view will ever catch up. So as far as the internet is concerned rock piles are antiquities left by Native Americans for ceremonial says so on the Google!