Friday, January 13, 2017

Roonie "In the Woods Near You"

Roonie finds a mysterious stone enclosure in the woods:


pwax said...

That is one observant kid.

pwax said...

Also those speculations about the meaning of quartz. Where did he get that "some people say"? One of them was quartz is a channel for the soul. I heard something similar but that quartz was "neutral" about it. But I wonder who is talking behind this young man.

Tim MacSweeney said...

That could come from almost anywhere, including here at Rock Piles. Pages 296-7 of Lucianne Lavin's book pops up mentioning quartz as a "spititual conduit" (and search the phrase "Lucianne Lavin quartz rock piles" if that link doesn't work).
At 2:00 in the Roonie video, as Roonie's dad pans down the vein, an imaginative researcher might ponder if that might be a snake, downward pointing head and a chipped out eye.
There's another Roonie about stone walls, more "everybody says" that could come from almost anywhere -