Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Patch Hill Boxboro

Dave Alling writes:
I have spent some time in the patch hill area recently and found a few items that may interest you. Due [to] picture size limitations, I have to divide this into 3 parts.

The following serpent effigies are connected by a stone wall. This section of stone wall is described as having peaks in previous blog post ( or it could be interpreted as the body of a serpent. There are other rock piles in stone wall corners that could be interpreted as platforms.

Serpent #1

Serpent #2.  Zoom in to see the eye.

Prayer seat?  This feature is located about 10 yards away from a rock pile/stone wall corner.  There is a rough triangular point to to the rock pile.

This turtle effigy is located uphill between two sections of stone walls. It looks down towards a vernal pool.


Anonymous said...

Love to see this. Will share the Equinox stone at Patch Hill. March 20 pressing.

Tim MacSweeney said...

I was pondering a stone as a rattlesnake eye on a much smaller triangular boulder, four feet maybe at it's widest: