Thursday, March 09, 2017

Rock Piles and Possible Rune Stones - Hillman, Minnesota

Reader Brian T. writes in:
... I Too have strange rock piles in my woods. One day While exploring a remote part of the 320 acres that I own in central Minnesota, I came across a series of 4x9 rock piles and a low boulder/ rock wall approximately 350 feet long.  Most of the rocks weighing 200-300 lbs.  With in proximity of this wall is a square rock lined hole, and a boulder flat topped.  Upon closer inspection of the rock piles I found rocks that had been fashioned for specific purposes. There also is an ancient tote road used for a trade route cutting through. (perfect camp spot)    I have attached pictures of some of the artifacts that I have found. I'm trying to find someone to examine the rock with the markings on it. (  I think that they represent "rune" writing)  Which being that my land is very close to the "Kensington" rune stone, could be possible they are connected.  When researching "Rune" symbols, the word "Barrows"  popped up.
  The word "barrows"  means rows of rocks and Celts were predominately wall builders.  I think that these rock piles might have been constructed with nordic influence in the late 1300's, based on the inscribed date on "kensington Rune Stone"  1362.  I have more pictures if interested, and also open to any comments or theories.

In a later email:
 My land is in Hillman about 10 miles from Mille Lacs lake.  As far as the pictures go, i'm all for it .  Maybe somebody else has found things similar tying it to the same period, and It would be great if maybe somebody can translate the markings and/or determine a purpose?  Sorry, i did not explain in the previous email that I found the rock with the rune symbol with my metal detector scanning a rock pile.   picture 2 is a lower "paleolithic' oil lamp.   And the other rock appeared to have twine wrapped around it ,since fossilized. 


pwax said...

The more I look at this, especially the last picture, the more I think it may be worth a still closer look. The author mentions a "trunk road" which might be a pretty significant portage given proximity to Mille Lacs and its position with respect to western Lake Superior.

pwax said...

I am fascinated by this "rune" rock. Look when it is on its side with the yellow ruler in the background: how it is so evidently broken with the familiar sequence of parallel chisel marks - especially the darkest mark in the middle? I believe it took at least three separate blows to get to this form.