Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Our Hidden Landscapes: Native American Stone Ceremonial Sites in the North American East"

12th Annual Native American-Archaeology Roundtable
 Saturday, October 28, 2017; tentative times: 9:00am-5:00 pm

     The federal government recognizes Native American Ceremonial Stone Landscapes (CSLs) as significant archaeological sites, yet most people – the general public and professional researchers – know little about them. Oftentimes their stone cultural features are misidentified as “farm clearing,” and subsequently destroyed to make way for suburban expansion or industrial developments. This conference focuses specifically on the identification of CSLs, their physical characteristics, relationships to the cosmos, connections with indigenous world view and sacred stories, and the need for professional archaeologists and state officials to identify, catalog and preserve these objects of living history.
Scheduled speakers: Deanna Beacham (Weapemeoc), Jesse Bergevin, Dr. Chris Bergman, Dr. Daniel F. Cassedy, Robert DeFosses, Mary & James Gage, Doug Harris, Dr. Julia A. King, Dr. Paul Loether,  Dr. Johannes (Jannie) Loubser, Charity M. Moore, Tom Paul, Dr. Paul A. Robinson, Dr. Laurie Rush, Douglas Schwartz, and Matthew V. Weiss.           
  Co-Organizers: Dr. Lucianne Lavin (IAIS) and Elaine Thomas (Mohegan).
Open to the public, pre-registration required; $10 conference fee.
Light refreshments to be served.
Please join us for another rousing Native American-Archaeology Round Table with outstanding presentations and panel discussions by professional researchers and Native American leadership.
 The Institute for American Indian Studies (IAIS)
38 Curtis Road
Washington, Connecticut  06793
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