Monday, September 04, 2017

Long Hill, Bolton

Driving up Long Hill Rd from the north, I saw a watercourse on my left and thought it looked worth exploring. When I turned onto Annie Moore Rd, I found the watercourse had curved around and began there next to #23. I thought: here is where I should look, and in fact this was next to the road:
You also see something smaller in the woods behind it but, next to a house, I did not go take a closer look:
That would be about here:


pwax said...

I was trying to use my iPhone5 to take pictures. Tried again the next day. All the photos have something wrong with them, a bit hard to detect: they are too saturated and have no definition in the shadows.

Somehow achieving low contrast where it is most needed: in the neutral gray colors.

I will be resuming use of my dear old HP camera.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Try messing with the settings, touching the screen to focus just what you want to highlight. I'm getting some really good results using the "professional" setting and the touch screen focus on my Android phone.

pwax said...

Try taking a picture of leaves and rocks in the shadows.

I find incredible crispness in the iPhone photos, together with very poor color management. Printer and film companies understand color, phone companies do not.