Sunday, November 12, 2017

Snake Meadow Brook - mounds against boulders

I took a quick walk in from the road and noticed a tall bit of stone wall. We always like it when the wall gets to be more than 8 feet tall.
A striking bit of stone wall. See the triangular stone in the middle? I noticed the boulder behind had a scatter of smaller stones. In fact the inside corner of the wall (just right of the above photo) looked like this:
Then there  was another boulder with rocks on it:
I was distracted from looking at this in detail by the larger boulder that became visible:
Here is the vista with yet another boulder with pile in the foreground:
Of the four major boulders, all had piles on them. This is the largest:
Off in a little side valley, this was a high point of water, only a few feet from access by boat. 

I should recall that at Horse Hill, not too far away, there is an area where there are several mounds somewhat like these, built against boulders. It is a particular style for this part of MA, that seems to me to be older than most of the other structures here.

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