Sunday, November 19, 2017

Town of Ashland votes to protect Wildcat Hill

From Curt Hoffman:

At Town Meeting on Tuesday, November 14th, the citizens of Ashland, Massachusetts voted to purchase a 34-acre parcel adjacent to the Town Forest, for a sum of $926,000.  This parcel includes the well-known Wildcat Hill sites, which have many stone structures.  This fact was noted at the meeting and was explicitly one of the factors in favor of the purchase.  The Town also voted to expend $40,050 for Town Forest improvements, which will include a 5-car parking lot at the Oregon Road end of the White Trail, which passes by Wildcat Hill, making it more accessible to the public.

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[Wildcat Hill]

Curt's Map:


Norman said...

Great news!


Unknown said...

Good news Curtis. I went out there several years ago with Peter and found lots of stuff. There's a great outcrop that I was never able to relocate that has a lot of evidence of quartz quarrying and the colors on the outcrop ranged from clear to yellow to purple. Wish I could have relocated that outcrop.

Anonymous said...

Was just up there this am and hadn't yet seen this news. I must be prescient :-)

Curt Hoffman said...

I was also up there yesterday afternoon, and I geolocated 23 stone structures on the northern face of the hill. I will send Peter a screen capture of their location to post here.