Monday, September 17, 2018

Hopkinton Development - poking around

Thanks to Tim MacSweeney for the previous post. Reading the newspaper article, let me quote:
Chairman Michael Roughan told the members last week they only have jurisdiction over structures under the town’s Demolition Delay Bylaw and there is not much they can do.
“Unfortunately, stone structures and burial markers are not subject to a demolition permit,” he said.
In an interpretation of the town bylaw, Donna Brewer, who works for Town Counsel Ray Miyares, encouraged the board to speak with the Mass. Historical Commission
“Structures that do not require a building/demolition permit cannot be addressed through this bylaw chapter,” Brewer wrote.
Why are they quoting town demolition bylaws when NAGPRA is relevant? It is not surprising that the Historical Commission would be out of touch but what about the Native Americans?

UPDATE: Well I walked around and did not see false alarm?


Norman said...

Does the Gage's new book, Land of a Thousand Cairns, in any way refer to this plot of land?

pwax said...

I wouldn't know.

Unknown said...

This plot of land is Hopkinton Massachusetts.

James Gage said...

Although graves and gravestones may not be within the purview of the town's demolition bylaw - In general graves, gravestones, etc are protect against any form of disturbance by Massachusetts General Laws chapter 272 section 73.

James Gage