Sunday, February 17, 2019

Fitchburg MA

"One of the concave features in this massively wide and long wall (which are the hardest things to photograph for me, and be successful in showing its form). But in person, it's a perfect "bowl" and clearly deliberate." - Paul TboCelebrating the Ceremonial Stone Landscapes of Eastern North America
"This is a looking east view of a wall/cairn/heap... I don't know what to call this. In a better view, the left end of this feature is clearly a serpent head, and the end tailing off to the right is a tail. 
Close up of the "top" of this feature with the standing stone:"


pwax said...

There are other examples of "bowls" or "hollows" in walls, nearby in Leominster, on South Manoosnoc

pwax said...

Here is an interesting point: hollows or "depressions" in single mounds are usually dismissed as "possible vandalism". No one offering that explanation has tried to apply it to depressions in stone walls. After all, why vandalize one particular spot in a wall?

PTBO said...

This place is so busy... I don't even know how to approach it most of the time.