Sunday, May 26, 2019

From a treasure hunter

Quoted with permission from an email (my emphasis added):

No artifacts found , not looking for them , I would think they are deep in the ground . We did not know this was 100% indian until a few weeks ago. I only go after treasures not Indian sites. Its just this site is so big and has a lot going on with it and no one knows about it. This week I will talk to the right people to make sure they know about it then I am done. Can't make money from investigating Indians so I am back to looking for Civil War... WE keep busy with TV, radio,  book and movie deals. Indian sites do not sell on TV , I guess too many of them . Treasure hunts are big now so this is what we do.
Ya you can quote me, If I saw a arrow head I would keep it safe for future people to see but NO  WAY would I dig up a grave for artifacts, sick to think of it.

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