Sunday, May 12, 2019

Variations in design of rectangular burial mounds

Variations in design of rectangular mounds with hollows. Styles A-D may be tall and up to 40 feet across; styles E-H are usually low to the ground and less than ~15 feet across. Style I is a crescent shape, usually ~20 feet across.

This is a shape classification not a rock pile classification - because large or small examples of the same shape may be different types of rock pile.

Type A Blood Hill
 Type A Franklin
Type A Northborough
Type B Hopping Brook
Type C Hopping Brook:
 Type D Callahan State Park
 Type D Blood Rd
 Type E Ashby West
Type F Woodbridge Rd
 Type F Apron Hill
Type G Falulah
 Type G Hobbs Brook, Lincoln
 Type I Nod Brook:
 Type I Scott Rd

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