Saturday, August 31, 2019

An interesting chip of quartz from my home dirt

At the risk of this blog becoming an "arrowhead blog", here is another example of an obscure piece of quartz from Woods Hole MA. It comes from the clay being removed for new construction at my house:
Of course it might have come from the shallow overburden of topsoil and be from the recent past, and since large equipment has been banging around in here, this man-made item could have been made in the last few months but there is some surface staining and enough flake scarring on all surfaces to suggest this must be a deliberate artifact. It is a delicate piece and the edge is still sharp - a very unusual piece of quartz.
A well developed "bulb of percussion":
Other flake scars and stains on the surface:
So you tell me.

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PureLithics said...

Peter.. Have been searching asparagus farm like crazy... Very interested in your work..i want to send over some photos of my finds and talk with you! Email me at I'd love to chat over the phone..been trying to locate a contact for you for awhile