Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Early summer arrowheads

August is a tough time for me when it comes to finding stone tools. It's been hot, vegetation covers the ground. The air is a little cooler today, and I'm sure there will be hot days ahead- buty I am looking forward to fall. Here are some of my most recent finds, from earlier in the summer.

A walk in Rhode Island yielded a handful of fragments. Par for the course.
This quartz stemmed point is a typical southeastern Massachusetts find. It was fun to spot. I think this is hard hammer percussion flaking, meaning that it was flaked by hitting it with a rock. This results in a crude look (to me) but it nevertheless took a lot of skill to make these this way out of this material.
I also found a nicely made quartz scraper nearby.
That's all I've got to show. I thought this tiny turtle was cute. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer.


pwax said...

Good job. I wish I was finding them.

Tim MacSweeney said...

I think that last photo wins the Rock Piles "Best Baby Turtle Photo Ever" Award.