Saturday, October 31, 2020

The spread of Mississippian Culture

I was enjoying reading this article, especially as they did something rarely done: they showed a picture of an arrowhead. I don't know about you, but I judge arrowhead style to be a good cultural indicator. If you find a Clovis point, you assume a Clovis culture. Similarly, if you find a notched triangle, like the above, you assume a common culture. In this case we can call it "Mississippian".

OK, so here are arrowheads from the "Sinagua" culture, from near Prescott AZ:

Note that the small one (and it is pretty tiny) is a notched triange - clearly from some version of a Mississippian Culture. 
Question: Guess where else these arrowheads are found?

Answer: "Pre-Classic Mayan Arrowheads", retrieved from Google image search:

When I realized the authors were un-aware of older cultures than the Mississipian one, with these same arrowhead styles, I stopped reading. 

Should I be shocked the authors do not even know basic facts of their own subject matter? 

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