Thursday, November 05, 2020

A minimal site in Woods Hole

A site can occupy as little as 10x10 square feet, so it is not surprising to find something in even the smallest patch of woods. There is a thin strip of woods across from the entrance to Devil's Lane and I poked my nose in their yesterday. Saw a little circle of rocks, too small and uncharred to be a fireplace:

A bit small for a person to have sat in, I suppose this is a 'niche'. But the thought also occurred to me that it might have been a small 'U', now stoppered after use.
A few feet away on the knoll, something that would be easy to miss, four rocks in a row.
Straight lines make me think "astronomy". Mavor was up and down in these woods.



I have a category in my inventory for "stone circles" - which is what this appears to be. Do you know why the street is called "Devil's Lane"? Quite a number of stone structures throughout the region have EuroAmerican associations with the devil!

pwax said...

It is an entirely contemporary name - a set of dormitory/residences.