Sunday, November 08, 2020

Possible 'Turtle' Rocks

Norman Muller writes:

I read your recent post about single stones resembling turtle heads.  Maybe yes, maybe no,  I prefer something clearer, such as that turtle petroform at Killingsworth, CT, with its prominent head, carapace and legs, particularly visible on one side. 
Or that remarkable turtle boulder in Voluntown, CT, that Larry Harrop discovered (P1120480), 
which has an anthropomorphic construction on top, perhaps alluding to the origin of man.  Or a large glacial erratic in Rochester, VT, which from one side looks like an upraised turtle head (DSC0030).  
Whereas from the other side there is a curious stone platform attached (DSC0120), the latter
perhaps emphasizing the importance of this particular boulder.

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Norman said...

The photo of the turtle boulder in Voluntown is by Larry Harrop.