Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Familiar Rock at the Gumpas

Reader Herb writes:

This is a post I just made on my facebook page referencing some of your work


"Back around 1956 I used to walk through the woods near Gumpas Pond. I had a rock I always used to sit on because it had a concave spot for my butt and a backrest. I had moved a rock next to it for a place to put up my feet. Once in the early spring I fell asleep in the sun, woke up and found the only bobcat I've ever seen in the wild walking by. He/she didn't know I was there and went straight up in the air when I moved. The bobcat was moving before it ever hit the ground. I was searching around today for pictures of Pelham when I came upon this website. The last picture in the series is my rock. What are the chances of a picture showing up on the internet of an odd rock a person used to sit on in the woods 64 years ago?"

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Sort of an uppermost "bowl" of a mortar (or grinding slick?), with a channel or spout that sends whatever has been ground up into the next "bowl" for collection or burning or something - on a stone turtle effigy whose head was moved in the year I was born???