Thursday, December 24, 2020

Mountain View II

Tommy Hudson writes [please click on photos to see captions]:

Mountain View II is just one of many petroforms in the area. It’s on private property and I’ve wanted to see it for many years, so when I got permission, I was out there within a few days with a couple of friends and some students from Kennesaw State University (Thanks to Professor J.B. Tate (ret) and Bill Phillips). Its just four miles down the Etowah River from the Etowah Archaeological Site.

Ladd’s Mountain, which can be seen from the hilltop next to the site, was the home of a huge stone wall approximately a quarter mile long, 8’ to 12’ wide, and 4’ to 8’ tall. It was destroyed by the State of Georgia DOT and used for road fill over 60 years ago.

The Leake site is nearby and it is home to a Woodland (1000 BC to 1000 AD) village that was on a trade route connecting the Gulf to the Midwest. The Hightower, New Echota, and Tugaloo trails pass by this site.

The Shaw Mound is also nearby. It is a soil and stone mound covered in 4” to 12” quartz stones. It was approximately 100’ in diameter and 25’ high. It was looted and the stones sold for fill.

Also, there is Ladd’s Cave, which was looted, then destroyed by mining. It contained Woodland artifacts and at least one burial. It’s been reported that some of the artifacts were copper.

On a recent trip to the site I tried some drone video, but it was too sunny and even with the leaves off the trees the cover was a little thick. I’m talking with a contractor/client who has a Total Station and I’m asking him to survey this site and a couple of others. We’ll see.

Please see the attached photos with captions for info on the site.


Tim MacSweeney said...

Tommy: The last photo: I kept trying to look behind that tree for an Eye, just like here:

Tommy Hudson said...

Tim, Yes, that wall in PA is wonderful. That “eye” stone is so out of place that it has to be intentional. You’ve got me looking for that sort of thing. I couldn’t find a better pic of the wall behind the trees, but if you look to the right of the big tree you’ll see a white quartz stone in the wall. It’s out of place, atypical. Could that stone be meant to represent the quartz crystal in the forehead of an Uktena serpent?

Norman said...

Tommy: Were photos ever taken of that wall on Ladd Mt.?

Tommy Hudson said...

Norman, Go to they have all the info and pics on the sites I mentioned. Tommy