Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Giving a talk tonight (Wednesday)

The Acton Land Stewards asked me to give a slide show. So if you are near Acton and feel like driving to the Library to listen, it starts at 7:30. Here is the blurb:

Acton's Land Stewardship wishes to remind you of our upcoming lecture tomorrow."Native American Rock Piles in Middlesex County"- A slideshow discussion by Peter Waksman, presented by Acton's Land Stewardship Committee Wednesday, April 26th, 7:30pm Acton Memorial Library 484 Main St, Acton MA

The forests in Acton and surrounding communities have many secrets and untold histories.Frequently going unnoticed, clusters of rock piles riddle the woods of Acton and beyond. Some are obviously the results of field clearing. However, others are possibly Native American graves or ceremonial structures. This talk will describe the variety of these rock structures and their historic origin and distribution throughout Acton in order to provide a context for what is increasingly believed to be an outstanding historic and prehistoric resource. Hope to see you there, Philip KeyesActon Land Stewardship Committee 978-263-0459


Geophile said...

How did it go?

pwax said...

Thanks for asking.

It went well. I was praised in various ways and I could tell that the audience (about 50 people) were extremely jazzed up by my talk. Someone said they were "inspired" going to go out and find rock piles. Someone else said they appreciated how "low key" the talk was. I told lots of stories during the talk and it was "holographic", in the sense that the whole was present in the part.

Interestingly many people came up to me after the talk and said they knew where there were rock piles. This included several places that I am now going to go check out. So, a win all around.