Monday, April 24, 2006

A rock pile quality rating system

Sometimes it is fun to play with finding words to express how excellent a certain region is for exploring, and also try to find words for how some piles are really well done and beautiful. One ranking is in terms of how disappointed you might get while exploring in one place or another. For example Boxborough never disappoints, and same for Harvard. But south of the river in Concord rates as "almost always disappoints". Meanwhile for rock piles, we came up with an "in your face" classification if a pile is so good that it embarrases people. I have to say that many of those Pennsylvanian piles are "in your face" but so was that great pile from this weekend. More seriously, if a find is "minor" that means it is barely worth mentioning.

So here is a pretty "in your face" pile, downhill from a marker pile site.

Could this be the viewing platform? Could this be the place you stand and look uphill? A large platform pile at the lower end of a marker pile site is something I've seen before.

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