Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some rock pile people

We had a little conference in Carlisle to talk about rock piles and alignments. Then we took a short walk to look at some piles Tim Fohl found behind the building where we were meeting. This was an occasion for me to get some photos of some of the people studying rock piles. I hope they do not mind being mentioned publicly, so here goes:

This is Doug Harris, a Narragansett Indian Tribal Preservation Officer. Doug is leading the way in creating a shared preservation goal between the Indians and the local towns. Doug is the author of the important USET resoluton 2003:022

Next is a picture of Tim Fohl (with the yellow hat) and my friend from Carlisle who doesn't want his name used. Tim has taken a lead in the Town of Carlisle, getting the town to purchase a piece of land and subsequently working to keep the town on the right track for preserving the ceremonial stone structures there.

And here is me - taken by Bruce McAleer when we were west of Quabbin.
Now I have to go find a picture of Bruce.

OK. From left to right here is Norman Muller, his wife, Ted Ballard (author of articles on stone "U"s and NEARA board member), with Bruce on the right. Norman started publishing about rock piles around the same time I did, in the late 1990's and we have been correspondents since then. Bruce began finding huge rock piles sites a couple of years ago and has a knack for finding interesting rock pile sites.
I'll add some information about the rock pile site behind the Carlisle Institute, in a moment.

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