Sunday, April 30, 2006

Springtime in Estabrook Woods, Concord

Can you see the rock pile in this picture?
Did you guess? I think there is one underfoot on the path a few feet in front of the camera. It was a beautiful day to be out and there is finally some color coming back to the woods. So I went back to one of the few natural rock pile sites in Estabrook Woods and took a few pictures. I wanted to come before there was too much undergrowth. In fact I did see a few new piles - mostly low piles on support boulders at the edge of a wetland. This was new:
And here another from the same area. There are ten or so piles like this.

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pwax said...

The thing about a rock pile underfoot on a path is that it is a clue that there might be other piles nearby. In this case we are at the edge of a site with piles sparsely distributed down a slope and around a wetland.