Thursday, April 27, 2006

Site behind Carlisle Insititute

Down in the swampy lowlands north of the Carlisle Institute are a few rock-on-rocks, a few ground piles with large rock components, a few rock piles on support boulders. Tim Fohl found this site and also found an interesting stone wall with a rectangular hook at one end and a curved segment at the other. It was hard to photograph. I don't have a clue what kind of site this is or what kind of piles these are, although the supported ones are pretty typical. Being mixed together this makes for a complex heterogeneous site, possibly built at different times. Examples of the ground piles with large component rocks are in the backgrounds behind the people below. Here are some of the rock piles on support boulders.See the quartz "blaze" on that last one?

Let's leave it at that. Tomorrow should be a blank and then Saturday maybe there will be more to report.

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pwax said...

There is no question that we did not look at those piles very carefully. Click on the pictures to see magnified views. The first one has a lot of shape. The second one has "spirit rocks" which, according to my friend from Carlisle, are special because of the white stripe going through them. If so, then that is an interesting feature common to at least two nearby piles: having a special rock. So that must be related to the location and topography - at the lower end of a slope leading gradually down to a wetland.