Sunday, December 14, 2008

Apologies for not blogging

I have been multiply distracted lately from posting. New sites are harder and harder to find but I found a few this weekend and hope to find the time to describe them over the holidays.


D.R. Cootey said...

What about Reading? Has that been explored?

I used to live on Main St. in the late 70s, right between Forest St. and Franklin St. Just beyond Lafayette Rd. was undeveloped land. It's not that way now, but all through that area were rock piles.

Reading your blog is like taking a walk through the memories of my youth. I had always been told these piles were discarded by colonial farmers. There were rock walls all throughout the forest, as well as spirit gates and other croppings.

As young boys, what we didn't attribute to colonialists we contributed to "teenagers" — those mysterious otherworldly beings who caused so much trouble. We just assumed they piled the rocks on top of each other, though we never understood why.

I revisited that forest in 1989 and the development had begun, but I was able to visit old haunts. I even found a walking stick leaning up against a tree, bent with time, that had been there since 1979.

Here's a Google Earth link that will pinpoint the area for you. There still seems to be undeveloped land there. Once there was a town trail off of Franklin St. that went south into the forest, complete with board walk. I've tagged where I used to live (point A) and showed a path to a point (B) just south of a clearing we called "The Valley" though it was a meadow. Beyond that powerlines and more forest to the North. There used to be old firelanes throughout the forest there. I have no idea what remains there now. I live in Utah and haven't been back since 1989.

Here be rockpiles?

Reading Town Forest

Douglas Cootey
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JimP said...

You have nothing to apologize for, Peter. This is still one of the most frequently updated blogs I visit.

pwax said...

Thanks Douglas. I know where I will be heading next weekend. The truth is I went to Reading three weekends ago and saw nothing in a couple of places, so I had written off the area. I'll try to follow your directions.

D.R. Cootey said...

Well, I'll be thrilled if you find anything. I fear the developers planted houses over them, however. Good luck!

Douglas Cootey
☆ @TheLaughingImp/@DouglasCootey on Twitter
The Splintered Mind\ - Overcoming AD/HD & Depression With Lots Of Humor And Attitude

pwax said...

I looked more carefully at the map and I think I did already go to that spot. There might be a corner of the conservation land that I did not get to but I covered most of it and did not see anything. There are new houses in there as well.