Monday, December 01, 2008

A curious rock pile next to hollows in the ground

A few weeks ago I was exploring out by Rt 2 and Rt 495 - highways that cross just at the northern end of the famous "Boxborough Esker". There is a way of getting into the southwestern quadrant and walking south with Rt 495 to the left and the swamp of Beaver Brook on the right. I was sure I would find something and was, more or less, disappointed; except for this curious rock pile. It is curious because I do not know anything else like it: an isolated well built rock pile, built into the side of a knoll and next to several hollows in the ground - borrow pits, old foundations, I am not sure which. But in no case could I come up with a reason for this solitary pile to be where it is. So perhaps this is more important that all beautiful and familiar. Here are some views: Here is a little video clip:

Any ideas?


Tim MacSweeney said...

Can you find any of the old maps of the area that might show you changes over time?
I looked at this, but couldn't find any available online:

Norman said...

How about a burial cairn? Such cairns are usually constructed directly on the ground and often on high places with a commanding view. Your cairn reminds me of one I was shown on Breakneck Hill in Pomfret, VT. That one, too, was isolated, about 15' in diameter and about 3' or less high. Your example looks much smaller, however.

pwax said...

I think it must be in relation to the hollows in the ground. Sorry they are hard to see in the photo. But in that context, I cannot see it as a burial cairn or as anything else for that matter. That is why it is a confusing example.