Friday, January 16, 2009

East of Whitehall Reservoir - Hopkinton, MA

Let me continue posting about the site I discussed earlier [click here] and [here]. Let's look at the map again:The area where I saw rock piles was perhaps 60 yards across east-west by a hundred or so yards across north-south. As I zig-zagged back and forth looking at different (or maybe connected) clusters of rocks piles, I thought I should be systematic. As I got up towards the highest point at the northern end, I was thinking I had to look thoroughly or I might miss something. This payed off when I spotted the largest and best built of the piles in the whole area, a kind of master pile just southeast of the summit. I am not sure why there was one bigger pile here but it seemed noteworthy.

A first view:And some other angles:The pile is an elongated oval in outline.

My sense is that if you go in along the red spot trail, when you get to the fork with the green spot should be able to see it a few yards away:

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