Friday, January 23, 2009

Rock piles in NY State

In response to my question about piles similar to those just reported from the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA [click here], Norman Muller wrote:
Attached are a few photos of large rock piles in Woodstock and the Finger Lakes region. Images 11 and 12 are from the Finger Lakes. 5 is from Woodstock. The person in VA can compare this with their site.


pja said...

Thanks for posting these. There really are a lot of similarities. Heck, it almost looks like our land! I can only imagine that the "wall" on our place was once more along the lines of this before it was damaged.

I'm interested to know in what direction is this running and is there water down there at the bottom of the hill?

Also is there any quartz involved? Lots of times you guys mention the "one piece of white quartz" found in many of your piles. I've still to find quartz in any of ours yet it is quite abundant here. Blue quarts too. I did however, find a white quarts projectile point laying in the pasture one morning. It was right on top of the grass as if someone had just put it there that day. I'll post a picture of it.


Norman said...

I can't recall offhand the orientation of the cairns, but there is water in the valley below.

Single cobbles of quartzite are found on top of a number of smaller cairns at the Woodstock site (not really small, but smaller than the huge cairns there). An image of one of these was posted on Peter's blog a year or so ago. Perhaps he can find the link and post it again.