Friday, January 02, 2009

Rock piles near the Montville Souterrain

Chris writes:

Today I uploaded some new stone pile photos to my gallery. The piles are very close to the "Souterrain" stone chamber in Montville, CT. The stone wall that Norman Muller wrote about in his article on the "souterrain" is in the immediate vicinity of the piles as well. The piles are on a slope and there is a massive pedestaled boulder at the top of the hill. I had read that the piles were there but had not bothered to look for them until my third visit to the chamber site and I was surprised to find that some of the piles are quite large and well-built. I had expected them to be smaller and less impressive. Here is the link to the pile photos:


pwax said...

These piles remind me very much of the ones Jim P showed me in Rhode Island. It looks like most piles have one well built vertical side - is that right?

JimP said...

Yes, it looks like a classic Rhode Island site. I would even go so far as to theorize that the huge split balanced boulder may have been what made the site important in the first place.