Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Roadside Attractions - Tyngsboro, MA

Some remnant sites in the southern part of Tyngsboro:The lower blue outline on the map was down a steep bank from the road:
Down to some piles at the edge of the water.Note the shim:
At the upper blue outline on the map, near the corner of Dane and Connell Lanes, are a few rock piles in a nondescript topography - except that everywhere around here water comes out of the ground. The site consists of one slightly more prominent pile built on a boulder
(see also the video); and several other piles consisting two or three smaller rocks on a larger rock:Similarly:A last pile was different: on the ground with more constituent rocks, here it is in its present context:If it were not for the other piles, I would have thought this was part of the construction of that retaining wall. But I think it might be part of the site.

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Anonymous said...

The last two photo's look like:
a turtle(animal) head with two eyes and the last looks like a turtle.