Saturday, May 16, 2009

Link to a.k.a. "The Lodge/Fort"

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"I have defcribed their firft refidence in the Cave on the Rock. Mr. Sperry told me of two others, one about two miles north, and the third at the Lodge and Fort, fo called, about four miles north-weft in the wildernefs. Thefe I afterwards vifited."
Ezra Stiles


theseventhgeneration said...

Page 82-83 “On an eminence west of this, by the side of a ledge of rocks twenty feet high, was built a Cave, or convenient lodgement, ten feet long and seven feet wide, regularly stoned, I find the walls now remaining, though somewhat broken down. It was covered with trunks of trees, which remained, though much rotten and decayed, till within forty years ago: indeed I saw some of the rudera, rafters, or broken relics, limbs and trunks of trees, still lying in the cavity. This was undoubtedly their great and principal lodge, and in a very recluse and secreted place. There is a beautiful spring six rods from it. A most convenient and secure situation for exile and oblivion. This lodgment is fifty rods east of deacon Peck’s, on whose farm it is situated, and about one hundred rods west from Milford line : as Hatchet-Harbor, or spring (at which I found an Indian stone god) is situate about as far east of that line, on Mr. Newton’s farm.”

Tim MacSweeney said...

Stiles is talking about what is now Enderslie Preserve, an open space/land trust - behind a house Peter once lived in. I've been stopping there, parking at the Peck Hill Rd. entrance.
I'm still trying to figure out and find this Cave - thinking it may be a stone sweatlodge near a spring, ever watchful for catamounts that might blaze their eyes at me...

Here's a link to the map(s)

(Bishop West is where the quartyrows are)

Also: the stone work down in Woodbridge reminds me very much of the "two-headwaters look." I keep looking at some things and puzzle about if it's natural or intentional, Indian or Colonial - and then something that can't be anything but Indian and ancient will show itself and I'll just say "Wow!"