Thursday, May 07, 2009

Near Judges Rock in Woodbridge CT

I left my camera home accidentally but had my new digital video camera with me when I took a walk in Peter's Old Backyard but my batteries died at the big X on the map. I wandered off and on the blue trail and turned back north on the yellow and red trail. There were lots of interesting stones, outcrops and mounds. I will return to to do some more exploring and take some more photos.
Peter tells me he "lived on Rock Hill Rd that was named after the famous "Judges Rock," a large erratic that was at a lookout point. You can look up the story of the three regicide judges (Dixwell, Whaley, and Goff) and how they hid out, possibly with the help of Indians. Supposedly they watched for redcoats from the rock."
I had recently read a 1914 article about the Judges hiding out at another place called "The Lodge" and finding "a crude Indian stone axe" at "Safe Harbor," and bunch of obsure stuff. I'd wondered how I'd ever find it and then Peter sails in and points me right to it by an amazing coincidence.
Here is the first mound I came across, connected to two stone rows...

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pwax said...

So you mean I grew up surrounded by rock piles without realizing? Gosh!

One point: the Judges "cave" is not the same as the Judges "rock" and I am not sure about the Judges "Lodge". I seem to recall reading the cave was over near West Rock.

Also, I hope you'll tell us (or just me) where on Rock Hill you took the videos.

Thanks for showing this.