Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walk in Estabrook Woods with J Walter Brain (2)

Continuing from part 1, here is the Isaiah Green spring:And here is a little spur off the wall .
[That is the wall which surrounds a lot used for the pigs owned by the Green's.] At the end of the spur was a niche. Not something I would have called a "chamber". Walter is pointing to the niche.
Here is one more. The Isaiah Green srping is in the background to the left and the pig enclosure is to the right of the wall:I looked around and noticed that, in the line with and outward from the spur, there was a bump a few feet high and across. It appeared to be a buried rock pile across from the end of the spur and this made me wonder if the two of them didn't make up the remnants of a gate. Or maybe it is a niche. I don't know what to think.

Inside the pig enclosure, this split filled rock. Like the split filled rocks from uphill, shown in part 1, it had a bit of quartz at the center of the fill. Here the quartz is inside the triangle formed by three sticks:
There was also a pretty stream with skunk cabbage and a rock-on-rock:
Beyond a bump in the middle of the lot (the enclosure probably contains several acres) another brook had rock piles to either side. It looked like debris from cleaning out the brook.
With these apparently practical rock piles and other structures that may have been built by the Green's it is hard to believe the earlier rock piles are ceremonial. But then what are they, what is up with the split wedged rock?


Tim MacSweeney said...

Those stone rows don't look to me like "practical pig fences." They look like stone rows with that "Indian Look." Large swine would tear into those "fences" to get out, in my opinion. What are the dates of the Farm? Pigs, ears notched to identify the owner, were usually let go into the woods to forage for themselves (my piggy posts of a while ago.

pwax said...