Friday, February 05, 2010

Platform Mound at Miller Hill - Holliston, MA

On first approach from below, the platform looms to the left:
I made a video:

Saw some views of the platform:I like this thing:And of course this picture:Downhill to the northeast was another outcrop with a very damaged pile along it:
And the view from the mound towards the west:At least one of these was natural outcrop, the others were completely man made.Look at that wedge shape, that "ski jump" profile:It is like an early form of marker piles visible from a central platform. Is this not the very basic model of most of the sites around here? A viewing position (in this case a central platform) with slight geometrically placed 'marker' piles oriented in some way perpendicular to the line of sight from the platform? Frankly I cannot see how this would be for anything other than the shadows these piles would cast under various seasonally adjusted lightings, because the well defined faces of the piles are not even visible from the platform. Of course a simpler explanation would be that the whole theory is barren. Also it is possible these piles have been damaged beyond the point where there appearance is meaningful. Still, there is some sort of arrangement here.

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