Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warren Brook Watershed Conservation Land - Upton MA

I walked in from a turnout on Grafton Rd, took the left hand fork, saw a large teepee off through the woods to the left but headed north off the trail and a ways over the flat snow; then increasingly eastward until I was walking to coming downhill and up to the edge of a shoulder. Saw a few traces of piles and then came to some nice "ski jump" marker piles at an overlook with a chambered cairn. This helped cement some of the ideas of "Wachusett Tradition" I wrote about last week.

A first look at the site, not sure it is a site:Note the little small boulder configuration to the left. I went to take a closer look:And the funny stone in the background.
This reminds me of some rocks Mavor pointed out. What kind of role does that notch play? Functional? Representative?

Another view of the site:Details of the pile on the right:Rather than having a single vertical face, this pile comes to a point with two vertical faces.

A pile of a different shape, hard to make out in the snow:It is a small 1/4 acre flat place, with piles along its edge:And a nice view outwards to the east:Larger things - piles or outcrops with growth and rocks on top:Some smaller pointy piles:And perhaps now is a good time to come back to that small boulder configuration we saw at the start of the site. I was looking at it from the other side wondering, what that extra little extension was for. You can talk about "turtles" but look what is visible from the other side:The side surface of that small seems to me to be deliberately parallel to the surface of the larger one.

There was at least one other large pile with a vertical face:

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pwax said...

In terms of the small rock next to the big rock with a parallel vertical surface (seen from one side): could the reason be that they needed that vertical surface to be just a little bit longer?